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Los Santos Towing & Recovery Dealership
« on: August 04, 2016, 10:07:35 PM »

Looking for some cheap vehicles but can't find any that are as cheap as possible? Well look no further because LST&R's dealership has just opened and guarantees that our vehicles are in top conditions with the lowest prices possible!

We focus on selling vehicles that have been abandoned and neglected by their previous owners. Before sending the vehicles to the dealerships our top class mechanics make sure that the vehicles are in perfect condition and looking like they just came out of the factory. Our vehicle prices start from as low as 150 dollars! That's right, 150 dollars! What are you waiting for!? Make your way towards the dealership right now located South from the impound lot at the docks before somebody else grabs our best offers!


E-Mail: LST& (( Forum PM me or Wild9645 ))
Phone number: 6565.
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