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[Administration Application] Noe [DECLINED]
« on: July 19, 2016, 02:09:06 PM »
Account name: Noe

Main In Game character: Nicholas Halden

Age: 19

Country: Germany

Timezone(GMT): GMT +1

For how long have you been playing at Advanced Gaming MTA RP server?: Since it's current version got released, I guess.

For how long are you able to play at the server daily?: 2-4 hours.

For how long are you able to play at the server weekly?: 10+ hours.

Tell us a bit about yourself (100 words min): I born and live in Germany, my parents are Mexican and Spanish. I just finished school and got 6 month free now, till I begin to study architecture. I am playing RolePlay since valhallaGaming, and led Court there with Cube, Mamiee and Cha. During the RootGaming phase I became and Trial Administrator just before it shut down. There was no RP server, till unitedGaming opened. So, I continued to RolePlay and played UnitedGaming and OwlGaming. I was again part of LSPD, HP and Court, till I left the server.  However, if you like to know more - feel free to ask.

Why should we pick you among the other candidates? (100 words min):
I want to become an Admin to be able to provide my help to the community members. Ever since I've got my Trial Administrator status on vG, I was able to help people with their requests regarding, and it is something I just enjoy doing since then. I feel like I'm experienced, and friendly enough to help with requests with no issues.
I want to be able to offer the players a good environment when it comes to playing, helping those who don't have as much experience as others may have.

I do not want to rate myself, or even compare myself to the other "candidates", but I am sure that my experience and relation to the players itself is an advantage.

Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned or punished in any sort of way by Administrators?: I did.

If so, why?:  I got jailed once over some misunderstanding which got handled afterwards. I also have been banned over a misunderstanding, but it's all solved now.


  • You receive a report from player 1, stating that another fellow player has randomly killed him/her without provding a valid RP reason. Player 1 only leaves you with witnesses, who also states that they were present during the incident and scene of death. The witnesses agrees with player 1's statement. What do you do?: Well the other parties are not able to know the RP reason without asking the player. I would PM the "killer" and ask him for his RP reason. Should he be able to provide that with logs or screenshots which back-up his story, I would let it go, obviously.

    Shouldn't he be able to do so, I would void the situation and speak to the player to teach him better. I often compare the role of an administrator to the role of a teacher. Your duty is to teach the players better, and not to punish them rapidly.
    Speaking to a player and teaching him better, will make him think twice the next time. While jailing him without speaking to him leads to anger.

    Players who get killed have a "tunnel view" they do not want to accept it often, unless they have some evidence. And obviously their friends support their opinion and view, to gain advantage. I would also ask the players to do not accuse someone of breaking the rules, if they have no clear evidence. They should ask instead, this will improve the atmosphere within the server.

  • You receieve a report from a player, stating that an admin has been abusing their admin privileges for an extended period of time and looking at the actions, the admin is not looking to stop any time soon. What do you do?: I am not in a position to judge or handle such situation, as an Trial Administrator. All I would be able to do is to report it to an upper Administrator/Owner and ask them to handle it.

  • You receive a report from player 1, stating that his/her friend was wrongfully banned and following the wrongful ban, player 1 demands that his/her friend needs to be unbanned. What do you do?: I would ask him to get all the evidence he has and post a thread on the forums, so the admin who banned him is able to check his appeal.

Do you agree to follow the rules at all times, even when nobody is around you?: Yes.

Do you agree to treat all players equivalent despite of the relations you might have with them?: Yes.

Is there anything else you would like to add?: I would like you to look over the last "issues" we had in the past, as they were based on a couple of misunderstandings.
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Re: [Administration Application] Noe
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2016, 12:17:22 PM »
Dear Noe,
Thank you for your interest in a position within the staff team as an Administrator.
After thoroughly going through your application, I have come to the conclusion to DECLINE your application.

Following reasons being:
  • Scenarios answered incorrectly.

You can not re-apply until our Administrator applications goes through the closed/open process again.