Spread over entire Los Santos there are 5 static jobs which provide the players a minimum income to get started with their new life. If, however, you don't feel like working.. there are a lot of activities around the city to do. Visit the docks with friends, get some icecream or get on a bicycle and enjoy the nature around the city.


We are not entirely GUI based and offer players for (almost) every GUI-action a matching command. It is up to the player to see what they like the most. Through your entire experience of playing you'll find out new commands that could improve your roleplaying experience. These commands include animations, a set of different messages and quick access to features.

Graphical User Interfaces

The GUIs ( Graphical User Interfaces ) used in the script are totally custom made and will be updated from time to time with the newest technology to provide a smooth and comfortable work environment.

Why Us?

Why Us?

Our script has been written entirely from scratch, and therefore offers more stability and perfection, updated to the latest technology. This, combined with a dedicated team which provides the best support possible, makes our server the perfect choice for roleplayers.

To increase the range of our support we've included a system allowing players to contact administrators in-game at any given time. Administrators will be notified about new reports and have the ability to react directly to these reports using their mobile devices.

As well as these meticulously created and highly tested functions, the server allows administrators to track suspicious actions. The system has a built in filter to avoid custom clients, data modification or third party software. Actions will be taken immediately, and further inspection will occur.

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Scripts and fundamentals

Latest news

  • Update 1.0.0 - The biggest thing we've done so far

    We've been working on our scripts for over 2 years now, a lot has happened in the time. Friendships has been made, scripts have been laughed at and great dedication has been shown. In the next update we're planning to rewrite the entire system to create a more user-friendly environment and more stability from our scripts.

    As of 2 January, we've started working on the very basics of the server and are currently discussing every single feature we would love to have, how everything should work and we're shaping the entire server towards the feedback we've gotten.